How to Become a Member Organization

Successful completion of the application and approval of the application for membership by the Board of Directors of Community Works will enable the new member to participate in Community Works workplace giving campaigns and will entitle the new member to automatically apply for inclusion as a member of Community Works in the New York State Employee Federated Appeal, the Combined Federal Campaign, as well as numerous other local campaigns. Timely inclusion in these campaigns is dependent upon the actual date of approval of the new applicants’ membership application.

Member organizations provide critical human services and promote progressive social change to enhance the quality of the lives of their constituents.

Community Works of New York State, Inc. (Community Works) is a private, not for profit development federation organized under the laws of New York State for the purpose of acting as a fundraising and development federation for its members to secure resources to help them achieve their missions.

Need help? Contact the Community Works office at (518) 765-2005 or 1-800-808-2225 if you have any questions or need assistance.